Men How to Get Out of a Codependent Relationship?

October 25th, 2010

Codependent It’s often obvious that a needy, demanding woman who clings to a man has codependent tendencies. However, a relationship consists of two people, and HE is no less responsible.  In fact, his behavior can also be labeled “codependent.”  Two people who have codependent tendencies may act in opposite ways: While one is needy and drains her partner, the other may have a enlarged sense of responsibility to his partner, and is overly sensitive to her needs and demands.

In fact, people with opposing codependent styles tend to attract each other. These opposing psychological profiles have been termed “takers” and “caretakers.”

Codependent relationships are complicated, and they’re often characterized by manipulation, lack of boundaries, repressed emotions, emotional volatility, jealousy issues, verbal abuse, etc..  Both partners tend to have complicated back-stories, which often serve to justify abnormal behavior.  If you’re a man feeling stuck in a codependent relationship, realize that your happiness is worth the effort it takes to move on.



How to Heal Emotional Pain With Divine Grace

October 8th, 2010

 Divine Grace

divine graceWhen we choose to stay present with a painful feeling or sensation in our bodies, this pain represents what is real for us in the moment, i.e., the truth of our reality at that particular time. Then Divine Grace can enter to dissolve and heal your pain.

Rather then being aware and experiencing what occurs inside us, why do we deny, avoid, or numb these inner sensations?

Perhaps it is because in our Western society, we have been conditioned from childhood to ignore or push away any unpleasant feelings or pain. It takes a lot of practice and initially a person who has learned to do this for themselves to teach and assist us.

Before we learn to be successful at The Art of Staying Present our minds will take us off into the past or future or we may even pop out of our bodies, i.e., we disconnect from staying focused in our bodies on a particular sensation.