Healing Our Inner Child Emotional Wounds

June 28th, 2010

An eternal child lurks in every adult. Carl Jung, Collected Works, Volume 17

Healing Our Inner Child

Inner Child Our inner child represents us between the ages of birth to adolescence. The inner child’s psychological nature consists of childhood negative and positive experiences, emotions, and self-worth.  Besides being the result of our childhoods, this accumulation passes down through the generations of our family.  Our inner child resembles a boy or girl; newborn, age three, five, eight, or ten, who looks just the way we did at that age.  This child can be the same sex or the opposite sex.

One aspect of our inner child may feel unloved, unrecognized, and fearful in other words, the neglected or abandoned child. This child craves nurturing and unconditional love.  This child neither sees nor feels the light.  Instead, it feels trapped, sad, and lonely inside of a dark, non-nurturing world.  This feeling of lack of love passes down through our family bloodline.  If we heal it in ourselves the next generation no longer inherits the lack of love. Healing our inner child heals the inner child of our children and our children’s children.


Michael David Lawrience Interviews Michelle Casto, Creator of “Soul Purpose Accelerator,” a Life-Transforming Program

June 21st, 2010

Today, I am happy to interview my friend and Personal Transformation expert and Coach Michelle L. Casto, Aka “”Bright Michelle,” an inspirational speaker and author of 30+ personal empowerment books & eBooks. She is known as the Soul Coach because she helps people get in touch with the work that ignites their inner fire, and empowers them to shine their bright light in the world.

Michelle has created a latest life-transforming program, called Soul Purpose Accelerator: a curriculum designed to move people ready to awaken to their purpose through her divinely inspired A6 Purpose process in light speed.

Are you ready to accelerate your success on your path of purpose?


Do You Allow Others to Impose Their Emotions on You?

June 8th, 2010


emotionsAnyone who’s made the choice to forgive an abuser has probably experienced other people trying to impose their emotions on them. It may seem innocent to hear someone say, “What he did was wrong and you have every right to hate him.” I’ve heard several comments like that. Trust me, they are not innocent.

A lot of people have anger and resentments that they cling to as part of their identity. They wear their wounds on their sleeve to gain sympathetic support and use them to justify all kinds of behavior. That’s their choice and part of their path. Its not a healthy place to be, but it was part of my path at one point, too.

EmotionsWhen we’re ready to heal, no matter what it takes, we take responsibility for our experiences. Other people may have done things that were hurtful, but we chose to be there in the first place. We co-created the relationship. The last thing we need is someone telling us that blame, anger, and resentment are our right. That’s giving all our power away all over again.

Other people don’t have control over our emotions unless we give it to them. They are entitled to their opinion, but we don’t have to let them impose it on us. If someone is projecting their own anger or resentment on you, telling you how you should feel, simply tell them that you don’t feel that way. It’s not your choice to be a victim of anyone or to be tied to your past. Let them have their emotions, but don’t give up your healing progress for the sake of justification or sympathetic support.

by Jacqueline Stone Recovering from Abuse

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